Daniel Hires name in calligraphic script

Heartbeats of Home

Eco, the root of both economy and ecology.

A reminder that our financial systems and natural environments are branches of the same tree, originating from the Greek word for home. 

Growing up between cultures, I’ve long felt a sense of home in the world, rather than a country or continent. My story was unlikely, and gratitude drives my passion for new ways of integrating ecological principles into the economy.

Contributing to a beautiful future of graceful and equitable new paths that regenerate the natural world, our inner ecologies, and our collective spirit.

Possibility is a Path

My journey has taken me from climate activism and social entrepreneurship to becoming a community and ecosystem builder, public speaker, UN coordinator, and group facilitator; guided by a continually evolving question that currently sits at: “How can I contribute my gifts towards what is emerging in the service of life?”

From deeply exploring new ways of collaboration, I came to examine my personal role in change.

How am I in the systems, which of my gifts and shadows are coming into the world?

Recognizing the need for inner skills and personal growth in transitioning complex systems has shaped my thinking about the social entrepreneur in me.

On this path of learning, I am currently serving as a Member of the Global Leadership Team at the Inner Development Goals, a foundation committed to bringing the power of inner development to our global challenges.

With the IDG Foundation, we aim to serve a collective narrative shift towards humanity’s shared potential to rise to the challenges we face.

Now what?

Read more about the Inner Development Goals, and watch the film that got me inspired.

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